UKCA/CE Marking in Medical and non Medical Sectors

UKCA or CE Marking are not themselves ISO Standards – but they are a legal requirement and are supported by the ISO Standards regime.

UKCA/CE Marking indicates that the appliance the mark is on, meets legislative requirements in full.

The certification that supports the UKCA/CE Mark for Medical Devices is ISO 13485. Like certification in other industries, it is based on ISO 9001 but adds sector-specific elements to prove compliance and provide certainty in the medical world.

Registered CE marks are a legal requirement for the sale of many electrical and medical devices within the European Union, but other countries outside the EU also formally recognise the marking system. Post Brexit, the UK has set up the equivalent UKCA marking scheme. Many products have both marks so as to be able to be sold in both markets. The process to obtaining the two marks are very similar.

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To place a UKCA or CE mark on your product, you’ll need to:

  • Identify all applicable legislation
  • Check product-specific requirements
  • Test your product
  • Collate and keep all required technical documentation
  • Correctly place the UKCA/CE mark on your product.
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How ISO helps your electronic/ medical device make a mark

UKCA/CE compliance recognises that feedback and improvements will continuously be fed into systems, as well as facilitating harmonised regulatory requirements for medical devices.

As standards work in tandem with relevant regulations but are not in themselves written into law, UKCA/CE mark requirements will only work as an effective process if manufacturers of medical equipment understand when its necessary to apply for and include a CE mark on their product.

Our Consultants can help you understand the requirement for a UKCA and/or CE mark and advise you about the process of achieving it. We assist with creation of registration documents, collaborate on technical information and requirements, and correct formatting of the application to save time and money. While we never assume we know more about your products than you do, our Consultants have had a great deal of repeated experience gaining the UKCA and CE Mark and specifically the ISO 13485 standard for a wide range of medical devices.


The advantages of having ISO certification relating to UKCA/CE marking include the fact your customers will recognise your compliance to a global industry standard. This has been particularly important within the EU, with companies operating across borders into other member states finding the process of approval for their appliances to be considerably shorter and technically less difficult than they might have been if CE certification did not exist.



Our consultants provide expert support to ensure compliance across the whole range of ISO Standards. They are located around the UK and can work virtually or are prepared to travel far and wide to help transform your business.

ISO standards incorporate best practice from organisations in a wide range of industries and around the globe. There are many benefits to gaining an ISO certificate, including:

  • slashing waste to boost available capital
  • increasing customer retention rates
  • improving workforce morale
  • becoming a leader in your market sector.

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