Who oversees our ISO search program, delivery process and our consultants?

Qualitation combines the words QUALITy and CertificATION. We ensure every business gets its ISO systems certified – smoothly, successfully and beneficially.

We know we can do our part – we have been doing it for over 20 years and we have a 100% first-time success record with all our clients.

The whole process is overseen by our Director: Carl Kruger – see his profile on this page.

We have discovered three aspects that need to come together.
The whole process works best when:

  1. you are happy you have a great consultant
  2. you know what you have to do yourselves (additional to what the consultant does)
  3.  you know when you have to do it by.

There is only so much we can do if you want to gain the benefits – this has everything to do with learning to change your habits about how you work successfully. It is part of our job to point you to the changes to be made.

To address the first of these points, we are introducing our Automated Find ISO Consultants Programme – helping you to quickly find and assess which consultant will best fit your needs while reducing the costs and possibility for error on our side, while leaving control totally with you.

Since the remaining points rely on getting the optimum consultants for your needs, this step is vital to ensuring that the project gets off to the best start.


Carl Kruger BSc, DIC, MSc, MBA, (MIEMA), (MCIWM), AMCQI


Carl holds a BSc in Information Management Systems, a post graduate diploma and MSc in Environmental Technology and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). He is an international speaker on ISO Systems having given presentations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and across England. Finally is a former Certified Envirnmental Auditor, a past full member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management and of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and a current Assocoiate Member of the Chartered Quality Institute. He has worked in over 20 countries worldwide over his career: as an accountant, environmental manager, recycling director and ISO consultancy director covering recyling, insurance, finances, manufacturing, mining, legislation, mergers and acquisitions and service industries all primarily across the business-to-business fields.


“Having started out as an accountant with Ernst & Young, followed by a brief stint with an independent financial advisor for a year, I then moved into a building products manufacturer multinational PLC working my way up to environmental manager for 8 years where I covered over 200 sites around the world. My next move was to an Environmental Consultancy where I specialised in waste and recycling legislation (7 years) and practice (running a recycling plant for old CRT tvs for 5 years which won a Best Environmental Business in North Wales prize). Finally, I shifted to my current role, running an ISO Consultancy called the Oxford Quality Centre Ltd which has been trading as Qualitation for 9 years now. During this time I have also been a speaker at numerous national and international events.

“This wide range of experience and mix of practical and academic viewpoints over my 30+ years of work has led me to ISO Systems as they are the embodiment of best practice in so many ways. It is my continued strong opinion that anyone wanting to improve their organisational performance (efficiency, effectiveness, profit, morale, customer satisfaction, business sustainability and drive) cannot do wrong by using ISO Standards – so long as they apply themselves to doing so consistently and correctly – like so many things in life!”

About Search Platform

New technology ushers in automation which allows direct access for the client to the consultant in previously impossible ways. This saves time, costs and confusion while ensuring that the overarching checks and controls can still be maintained.

This ISO Search Platform is beneficial both to clients and consultants – it keeps costs down, while providing a better service that is designed for the client while facilitating the expert and practitioner actions.

In order to change how an organisation works in order to improve any part of it, requires change. We minimise the impact of that change by adopting an approach that builds as much as possible on what the client is already doing. Such changes as are needed, are developed together with the client staff.  Those staff are trained by us to make the steps small and easy to manage.

Finally, to ensure that the changes stick, we create the systems in such a way that the client staff continues to operate them themselves – not relying upon our consultants. This is the only way the full benefits will accrue over time. Sometimes, where the level of change has been higher, we are asked to assist with some audits or maintenance, but this is a temporary arrangement while the client staff learn to take things on themselves.

Introduction to the Find ISO Consultant system

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