ISO 27001 Data Security Standard

Its main focus is ensuring data held by companies, especially that related to individuals, is controlled and kept safe. Unsurprisingly, this standard is becoming more and more in demand from companies worldwide, especially those that deal with online data.

Ensuring your data is secure and safe can be a minefield.

Obvious passwords, online security breaches and even earthquakes can all put your data at risk of loss or theft. ISO 27001 Information Security helps your company navigate this difficult area and results in an extremely robust and comprehensive system of data security. The standard covers physical damage, deliberate and accidental hacking, virus protection, backup procedures and even addresses the range of natural incidents that might impact on data records. Achieving certification will give you peace of mind that the data you are responsible for is safe, and your customers will rest assured that their personal details are properly protected.

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The standard covers all data in both physical documents and electronic format.

It covers a wide range of areas:

  • Physical damage: Examples: water damage or fire
  • Electronic damage: Examples: hacking, viruses or electronic failure
  • Inappropriate release: By or to the wrong person – accidentally or maliciously
  • Straight loss: Verifying backups, making copies, auditing, handling theft and mislaid data.

The scope of the standard is wide and can extend to assessing the security risk of employees.

Our Consultants are experts in the implementation of ISO 27001 Information Security and are well placed to guide you through certification.

ISO 27001 Data Security is a good strong step in any organisation’s approach to dealing with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – the legislation that is in place to ensure private information is protected.  For more information on what can be done to fully meet GDPR, please  contact us for a thorough review.

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We, at Qualitation, have been searching for a way to make the ISO 27001 Data Security standard more accessible for SMEs/Micros. We recognise, that just because they are smaller, does not mean they don’t have pressing data security needs – just less of a budget for them!

We have identified a new cloud based programme that allows the user to create and maintain their own ISO 27001 system from £150/month. Contact us for more details.



Our Consultants provide expert support to ensure compliance across the whole range of ISO Standards. They are located around the UK and can work virtually or are prepared to travel far and wide to help transform your business.

ISO standards incorporate best practice from organisations in a wide range of industries and around the globe. There are many benefits to gaining an ISO certificate, including:

  • slashing waste to boost available capital
  • increasing customer retention rates
  • improving workforce morale
  • becoming a leader in your market sector.

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