ISO 16949 Automotive Standard

ISO / TS 16949 Automotive certification is applicable to you if you’re working in the design, development, production, installation or service of automotive-related products.

It is similar in content to the ISO 9001 Quality standard and therefore its main focus is the setting up of a system that allows you to monitor customer feedback, positive and negative, and ensures you’re working to supply what your customers expect.

Automotive ISO / TS 16949, ISO Accreditation, Qualitation, ISO Certficiation

You’ll have to conduct regular reviews at management level and show that you are acting on customer feedback to make improvements to your business.

ISO /TS 16949 Automotive differs from the ISO 9001 Quality standard  in that it includes sections specific to the automotive industry, such as working with sub-contractors.

Automotive ISO / TS 16949, ISO Accreditation, Qualitation, ISO Certficiation

If you are working within the automotive field then holding this standard sends a clear message to your market that you are operating a well-organised, professional business.

In particular, the customer facing aspect of the standard will help to instil confidence in your product or service in your target market.

ISO/TS 16949 Automotive is designed to be scalable and adaptable and is open to all companies, large and small, who operate within the automotive supply chain.



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ISO standards incorporate best practice from organisations in a wide range of industries and around the globe. There are many benefits to gaining an ISO certificate, including:

  • slashing waste to boost available capital
  • increasing customer retention rates
  • improving workforce morale
  • becoming a leader in your market sector.

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