Qualitation and FIC New Approach

Qualitation is the trading name of Oxford Quality Centre Ltd (OQC).
OQC has been operating for 10 years and took over from the partnership of the same name that had been operating since 1994 – there is therefore a history of over 30 years.

During this time, every single client has attained ISO certification first time – whatever the standard.
Thanks to changes in technology, Covid, new approaches to work, familiarity with virtual working etc, as well as a way to combat inflationary pressure, the old model needed to be updated – the result is the Find ISO Consultants website. (FIC)

The other result is that we are looking to increase our network of consultants to ensure we have a good supply for all enquiries. Would you like to find out more what this means?

What does the FIC Site do?

It allows prospects, interested in ISO systems, to find, via an online system, consultants to help them.
This initiates communication which ends with the creation of a proposal that is accepted by the new client and is followed by the consultant carrying out the work to meet the client’s requirements.

What does this mean to Consultants? 

  1. You get continued free access to our source of prospects – with no restriction on how many and no obligation to accept them: this means that you don’t need to spend the money to get these prospects yourself, nor do you need to take the time to spend searching for them.
  2. You only get leads from prospects actively searching for ISO Consultants: this means that when you receive an enquiry, you have a strong chance of changing it from a prospect to a client – far less time wasted dealing with irrelevant enquiries about basics.
  3. You get minimal involvement from Qualitation leaving the whole interaction with the prospect to your own preferred approach: this means that you can create the client relationship on your terms from the start
  4. You’ll find the process to be logical, pragmatic and simple to use: this means that the instinctive approach makes for ease of understanding and use – even if it has been a while since you used it before.
  5. The strong ISO quality, clear approach and no leeway for “cheap and easy” approaches: this means that, again, you will not have to deal with prospects that want you to cut corners as they only want the label not the system – again saving you time and money.

Become Find ISO Consultant